Listed below are all the standard adaptive clothing we have in stock at our Colorado Distribution Facility. We have volunteer seamstresses all across the United States who are sharing their talent for sewing to adapt the clothing for Sew Much Comfort. We ask all volunteers to send their first item on each garment for quality check. We want to make sure that all garments meet our quality & production requirements, no matter who sews them. We have designed the clothing to look and feel like “off the rack” clothing. We adapt either store bought garments or create them from our custom patterns. 

All garments come in single side, right or left side, or double sided openings.


Sizes are: Small 28" - 31.5" Medium 32" - 35.5" Large 36" - 39.5" XLarge 40" - 43.5" XXLarge 44"- 47.5" Each pant has a size ID tag with waist and inseam written on it. 

Full-length access pants (FLAP) and shorts:accommodates casts, medical braces, wound injuries, prosthetic devices, etc.
  • Casual lounge: made from fabric such as woven shirting (like store bought PJ), cotton and flannel. Or they are store bought PJ bottoms
  • Dress: made from fabric such as twill tan/khaki, black, navy, gray, olive green.

Casual Pants

Dress Pants


Fixator pants one pant leg is enlarged 36" in diameter to accommodate a fixator.
  • Casual lounge: made from fabric such as woven shirting (like
    store bought PJ), cotton, flannel.
  • Dress: made from fabric such as twill tan/khaki, black, navy,
    gray, olive green.

Fixator Pants


Athletic Shorts: Store bought basketball style shorts.
Athletic Shorts


Adaptive swimwear: Store bought swim suits
Swim Suit


Adaptive male and female undergarments:Woven and knit boxers and undergarments.
Male Boxers

Female Undergarment



Sizing: Small 34" - 38" Medium 38" - 42" Large 42" - 46" X-Large 46" - 50" XX-Large 50" - 54"

Tees, polo shirts, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts: side(s) with or without shoulder seams open.
Accommodates upper body injuries, head trauma injuries, burns and bandages.
  • store bought solid color; black, navy, gray, khaki, olive green.
  • store bought prints such as military, pro & college sports, golf, hunting, bands, fishing, farming,



Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Sweat Shirt


Adapted Dress Shirts: Button hole is sewn shut and velcro button is sewn under button holes to open
and close the shirt.

Dress Shirt


Comfort Accessories:

Lap Robes with Pocket

Transport Bag

Bedrail Organizer




Helpful Information for Ordering Adaptive Clothing:

•All of our adaptive clothing has customized openings with side seams fastened with velcro closures.  This allows easy access to injury sites by the patient, medical staff and family members.  Most of all it gives the service member the ability to dress themselves and to wear normal looking civilian clothing instead of a hospital gown.

•All of our adaptive clothing is designed to be completely opened from either (double) side of garment.

•Pants and shorts have velcro running the full length of side opening, with elastic waistband and snaps at the waist.  Shirts use a velcro button closure system.

•All of our clothing is new and current styles.

•All our clothing has a Sew Much Comfort label on garment.

•The clothing is adapted from purchased garments.

•We designed the clothing to appear as normal civilian attire and much more comfortable to wear than a hospital gown. 



Shorts/Pants:  All standard pants and shorts have an elastic waist with a snap closure. 

Sizing fits waist:
Small 28” – 31.5”
Medium 32” – 35.5”
Large 36” – 39.5”
X-Large 40” – 43.5”
XX-Large 44” – 47.5”


Chest measurements:
Small 34” – 37.5”
Medium 38” - 41.5”
Large 42” - 45.5”
X-Large 46” – 49.5”
XX-Large 50” – 53.5”

How quickly can I get the clothing?

•We ship from our Distribution Facility in Boulder Colorado generally within 2-3 days.  

•We try to stay fully stocked with our standard garments in all sizes.  

•Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for all special requests.

•We rely on our volunteer seamstresses to keep us stocked with adaptive clothing, so there may be times when we may be out of stock.  Please re-order if you do not receive all the clothing you ordered 

Important Note:

We welcome your comments and feedback concerning our adaptive clothing and comfort accessories. Our goal is to produce the best adaptive clothing and comfort accessories possible to make our injured service members recoveries more comfortable. If you have any ideas or clothing design improvements that would improve our adaptive clothing, we would love to hear from you. Please let us know your thoughts or suggestions by emailing us.


If you are a Military Hospital or VA and would like to receive adaptive clothing you can click here to place an order.

If you are an individual service member who would like to receive adaptive clothing you can click here to place order.

If you have any questions please contact us.