My husband was a Marine wounded in Vietnam Nam in Jan of 1969. All these years later he is still dealing with the aftermath of those wounds. Currently the wonderful doctors at SAMMC are trying to save his leg. For over a month he has been dealing with a wound vac.  The Velcro closure shorts you provided to the hospital have been the difference between him feeling just a little more independent and of course modest!  That is a priceless gift!  Can't thank you enough.


My son is a patient at the Polytrauma Rehabilitation Unit at San Antonio. He was injured on January 4th, 2015 and is emerging from coma. His rehab is so much easier thanks to the clothing from your organization. He's a fine man and soldier. Thank you for what you do. It is truly appreciated!


Just a quick note to let you know that we received your parcel with the clothing in it for Rod.  Thank you so, so much for your help.  The dress pants were a lifesaver on Christmas day.  Rod was able to sit in the wheelchair in REAL clothes instead of his boxer shorts.  That was wonderful for his self-esteem.    I have posted on your FB page and also made a donation.   I have shared your FB page on several of my Australian FB pages and with all my friends. I hope it results in some my Australian donations for you.


Thanks again




     As a Soldier assigned to the US Army Warrior Transition Unit located at Ft Knox, KY, I just recently had surgery on my L shoulder to repair an injury I sustained during my deployment to Iraq.  While I was somewhat anxious about undergoing the procedure, I was glad to put the pain and discomfort behind me.  Thankfully the surgery went well and while I was in the recovery area I was given one of your company's t-shirts to put on.  The nurse told me how you provide clothing for wounded service members.  I was very moved by this and felt that the very least I could do was to express my sincere gratitude for what you guys do.  As a company commander in theater I was very fortunate not to have any of my Soldiers suffer a severe injury, but if they had it is wonderful to know that their hardship would have been lessened even a little by the availability of your clothing items.  You are true patriots for supporting us this way!  - MAJ Fred Garcia


I can't type much with one good arm, but I had to get enough strength to say thank You. This meant so much. 

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Tania Herrera 

US Army 


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See Our Clothes in Action

  • Medevac patients are comforted by clothes like these.
  • Viking and Packers fans can get along in our clothes.
  • Soldiers wear our clothes.
  • Our adapted clothes help soldiers with external fixators.
  • Our clothes are shipped across the world, like here, Landstuhl, Germany
  • Walter Reed receives clothes from us and distributes them.
  • Our clothes help soldiers fit in again.
  • A burn patient at BAMC
  • A soldier receiving a Purple Heart wearing our clothes
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