Dear Sew Much Comfort Team,

I wanted to send this note to let you know how very much I appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness in providing me your extraordinary clothing products.  I am certain that I speak for any service member who has ever received one of your special packages, when I say that your efforts have made a significant and positive impact in my recovery from combat injuries.  No soldier, sailor, or Marine ever goes off to a war zone with the belief that they are going to be paralyzed, or lose limbs, etc.  So when it happens, our life and your family's lives are instantly, and forever changed. 

Once we come out from under the anesthesia, we are immediately faced with so many changes in our lives.........all at once, so many physical, mental, and spiritual challenges to face, and so many small and large adaptations you are forced to make......... with even our very basic physical and mobility needs. To say that it is overwhelming is really an understatement.

Comprehending that we will likely never walk again is pretty tough, as is trying to see ourselves as someone other than a competent, fully capable leader of combat troops.  And even more of an adjustment is in hoping and praying that our spouses are prepared to face their previous pledges to love and hold us, in sickness and health, for better, or for worse.

It is because of people such as yourselves, that soldiers returning from the Middle East can continue to have faith in the good people of our great country.  You have made my own personal recovery journey a little easier, and certainly helped meet a need that I didn't even know I had!

I want to thank each and every current and former member of the Sew Much Comfort team, for lovingly putting together and shipping all of the adaptive clothing items.  Because I received your package a few weeks ago, I can now for the first time since my injuries, attend our family's Christmas gatherings in "normal-looking clothing".  I hope that others who have received your wonderful clothing items take a few minutes to share with you, just how much of a positive difference you have made in their own recovery stories.  God bless you all, and I wish you the very best of years in 2010!

My Very Best,



Major Jim
U.S. Army