I am deployed here in Afghanistan. I was put in charge of the Wounded Warrior Support groups, which I love being a part of. I just wanted to take the time and say thank you for your support! I know the men and women that come through our hospital really appreciate what you have done for them. It's comforting to them, knowing they are not forgotten about. When the patients open the bags, their faces light up. I see what a difference it makes. Most of the patients have nothing but a hospital gown on. The clothes are a big deal to them. So thank you for everything you do, God bless.

Proud to serve,

SrA Wilson.



Sew Much More store in Austin Texas is holding a chariety raffle of 4 quilts with the proceeds going to Sew Much Comfort. If you live in Austin Texas you can stop by the store or you can call the store at 512-452-3166 to purchase raffle tickets.

Thank you,


Let us never forget all that has been done for each of us as we walk in freedom.

Michele Cuppy



I have seen your donations make a true difference in the lives of wounded warriors first hand at the Center for the Intrepid.  I wanted to recognize Mary Lou Ryan, one of your volunteers, in particular.  She has spent hours of her time making adaptive clothing for our patients, as well as educating patients and families about your services. I have seen her take the time to help an injured service member get onto the computer to order the items they may need.  Mary Lou has graciously spent the past 4 years ago volunteering specifically at the Center for the Intrepid, sewing specialized modifications for our wounded warriors.  Although she and her husband lived 2 hours away from San Antonio, they drove in EVERY MONTH for the past 4 years.  She would spend a day in the clinic sewing for service members that needed her services.  The staff and the patients all knew that the first Wednesday of the month, Mary Lou would be here to help with all of their sewing needs.  Not only has she sewn the typical adaptive clothing modifications, but she went above and beyond.  She would add modifications to jeans, loops onto socks, remove buttons from a favorite shirt, alter a special jacket, or make a towel that was easy to use for a service member without hands.  She made sample clothing alterations so we could have them in the occupational therapy clinic to practice dressing with.  She would be creative with the therapy staff in figuring out what velcro could stay on specific materials that would most benefit the patients. It is wonderful to have seen the impact Sew Much Comfort has made in the lives of so many of our nations heroes.  It is also wonderful to know how your services help the therapy staff at providing the best care possible for these wounded warriors!  Thank you Mary Lou & thank you to all of the Sew Much Comfort volunteers!!! 


Santa Ted and Mrs. Anne Claus are part of an organization called “Santa America” .  Through Santa America Ted and Anne visit the wounded at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia and are helping us deliver adaptive clothing.  

24 Sept 2012

Hi To all the elves at SMC.  This is Santa Ted and Mrs Anne Claus. As you may/may not, know that we are the Mr.&Mrs. for the Wounded Warriors at the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth Va.

We have had had two orders from your folks. Well the adaptive clothing went over very well. We just delivered order #2. There was a THANK YOU!!!!! Form the troops plus all the staff. For  Every thing that you folks do all we can say is THANK YOU!!!!  Mrs Claus and I are proud to deliver this clothing for you. We will look to see if we have any pictures that we can send you. If not We have a party set for the WW"s on 27 Nov, 2012. At this party we will try to put on a fashion show for you if we can.

Thank you for all you do.

Santa and Mrs. Claus


My name is Antonio. You probably don't remember me or my story but, I remember you every time I open one of my clothes drawers. I received some of your clothes during my stay in Walter Reed Medical Center, as I was there recovering from wounds I received in Afghanistan. I was very badly wounded and your clothes with the Velcro sides allowed me to change my clothes with less pain than I would have been able to otherwise. When I left Walter Reed for Palo Alto my wife Veronica contacted your group asking for help again. I am very happy to say that your group was able to once again help me and sent me more pants, shorts, and drawers which I still use today. I just want to thank you and your group for all your help I had broken my pelvis, shattered my foot and broken both my legs. Without your fine clothes I don't I would have been able to be dressed without being in terrible agony so I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you and the volunteers who help you do it really means a lot to me and my wife. If you can thank everyone there it would mean a whole lot to us. By the way I came though fine my pelvis was fixed, my legs healed and I lost my foot. Don't worry about the foot though it was my left one which I never liked anyways  and  I have a prosthesis already so I am walking already. Once again thank you and keep up the good work.



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