We received the shirt and pants, oh how beautiful and what an absolute blessing!
Thank you, thank you and thank you again.
God bless you, and all those who do this with you.

There are no words to describe how very much your velcro pants, underwear and shirts helped my husband in the hospital. Being able to put “real” clothes on was the biggest step towards normalcy for him. It means so much to know there are people and companies out there who care for and support our troops. Thank you again for everything!


Thank you! Thank you so much for the adaptable clothing you provide to our wounded warriors at NNMC. My husband and I are so grateful such clothing exists. It helped us out tremendously during the first few weeks from his injury. Thank you for the wonderful work you do for the troops and their families and for what you have done for us.


Hi, My son Jeff is recovering in a spinal cord recovery unit in Tampa, FL from an incomplete quadriplegia. We have high hopes for a significant recovery. Jeff had shrapnel go through the back of his neck and out in two .. spots near his left ear, fracturing his C5 vertebra but not severing the spinal cord. It’s really a miracle he’s alive. Adaptive clothing is essential to get him dressed and out of a hospital gown so he could go to PT, OT, and just feel independent and looking nice. We had a couple of simple pieces that didn’t match, and I walked every men’s and sports store in the mall one day, finding no adaptive clothing but a few tank tops with very wide sleeves and head opening. Then we found out about Sew Much Comfort and placed a request online right away. In the special requests box we requested LSU clothing, thinking it would be a long shot but we’d ask anyway. We knew you did Florida Gator clothes because his hospital roommate has some, but we are in Florida so we didn't know how many teams would be available. We were trilled with everything in our order but when we pulled out the LSU shirt and shorts you should have seen his face!! Now we can represent our beloved LSU and feel like he’s at home when he wears the clothes. Plus, all our family and friends on FB love to see him in purple and gold. A special surprise was the LSU pajama pants, just like he and just about every other Baton Rouge man at home, lol. I am proud to be a big fan of Sew Much Comfort and I honor and respect what you do for our veterans and our Wounded Warriors. Jeff and I send you our sincere thanks.

Much Love.


Dear Sew Much Comfort,

A HUGE thank you for the amazing work you are doing for our injured heroes!!! Our son broke his right elbow and left wrist in Iraq, and was flown to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for surgeries. Our worries were for his recovery and how soon we could arrive to help him, and we had no time to think of practicalities like clothing. We were taken care of very well while at the hospital, and your adapted shirts were the biggest Blessings!! The last think a soldier wants is to wear a “gown” of any type, and I would hate to describe the useless clothing he arrived with from Iraq. Our son wanted some “real” shirts to wear while recovering, and we were so happy when someone brought a care package of your adapted shirts to his room. Our son was thankful for something to fit over his casts so he could look “normal” while he recovered!!!

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  • Medevac patients are comforted by clothes like these.
  • A burn patient at BAMC
  • Viking and Packers fans can get along in our clothes.
  • Soldiers wear our clothes.
  • Walter Reed receives clothes from us and distributes them.
  • Our clothes help soldiers fit in again.
  • Our clothes are shipped across the world, like here, Landstuhl, Germany
  • A soldier receiving a Purple Heart wearing our clothes
  • Our adapted clothes help soldiers with external fixators.
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