Thank you for choosing Sew Much Comfort.  Your generous support will help provide comfort and dignity for our wounded service members.

Volunteers and employees personally reflect the values of Sew Much Comfort and will make the best effort to represent the organization in an honorable fashion at all times.  Remember, you are representing Sew Much Comfort the organization and not yourself as an individual.

Volunteers and employees will act professionally and civilly at all times.  

While representing Sew Much Comfort, the volunteer has a special responsibility to demonstrate a high degree of integrity in the conduct of Sew Much Comfort business.  Sew Much Comfort is dependent upon the volunteer’s full cooperation to ensure that Sew Much Comfort reputation for integrity is protected. 

Sew Much Comfort is committed to the highest standards for ethics and business conduct worldwide.  We will abide by all national and local laws.

We will respect the dignity of our wounded service member we serve.

We must protect their privacy and all HIPAA laws.  If you have something you wish to use, it must be sent in to corporate office for approval before it can be printed and used.

All volunteer information is confidential.  Email addresses will not be shared with anyone outside Sew Much Comfort without your permission.  Email provide us with the most effective way to communicate with all our volunteers.


Volunteers and employees should NEVER help themselves to donated monies, products or services.  Doing so would violate the trust of donors who generously give to Sew Much Comfort.  No monies are kept; cash must be sent in, all checks must be made out to SMC and sent to corporate office for deposit into SMC account.  Any monies not deposited in SMC account is not a tax deductible donation.

Sew Much Comfort logo and slogan is a registered trademark and cannot be reproduced without written permission.  At no time can it be altered in any way.

Again, Thank you for supporting Sew Much Comfort!!


Let us never forget all that has been done for each of us as we walk in freedom. 


Distribution Address

Sew Much Comfort

6075 Longbow Drive  #202

Boulder, CO 80301

Phone  303-530-4073

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